Friday, November 20, 2009

Work Hard, Play Hard...or As I Like To Call It "WorkHorsePlay"

Flavorpill's Daily Dose, which, truth be told, is where I get at least half of the cool shit I post to Twitter and Facebook, posted an article with photos of the office spaces of the two aforementioned, as well as of Google, Digg, YouTube and other favorite social media companies' HQs. They don't dissapoint. They are what you'd imagine and more -- slides, DJ booths, pools, puppies and Star Wars fill offices with imagination and fun.

This makes sense because what's the point in working in the social sphere if you can't surround yourself with opportunities to be social in the workplace? I'll take that one step further and suggest that all companies take their cues from these powerhouses of "doing something right" and realize that sometimes getting people to work hard, means allowing them to play hard, or as I call it, "workhorseplay."

One that I didn't see on the list, but had to include because I've seen pictures of it before is the Pixar campus.

I know not all of us, myself included, are lucky enough to be surrounded by a creative work environment like this, so it's important to make it part of your life, your daily routine, to find ways to feed your inner fire. Go to a museum, a park, a playground or go for a swim, play pool, go bowling, walk your dog. As much as we thrive or make our living from social media, it's vital that we get away from the computer to refuel the soul and stimulate that creativity.

Two things: Hey Flavorpill/Flavorwire, where are pix of your office?? and two, are any of these places hiring??

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  1. My Dad's old toy office was amazing! He had all the "right" kinds of colors (branding color wheel anyone?) and it was exactly how you think a toy show room should be. I find it amazing that corporations undervalue the senses when it comes to creativity in the workplace.

    I've also heard that Zappos's office is pretty baller. Here's the link: