Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Je T'aime Google

I don't care what "sentiment" says, no way is a kid who slaps his mama's date and the Dorito out of his hand going to upstage the intelligent, engaging storytelling of Google's "Parisian Love" ad.

If it has any flaws at all, it's that the viewer has to read it. Google did well to present it during the Super Bowl because you'd be hard pressed to find viewers who want to watch any commercials at any other time. However, during the Super Bowl, you have people who'd rather watch the commercials than the game glued to the set (I'm a fan of both).

"Parisian Love" proves you don't need a big budget, just a big idea, to communicate well. Google can do a lot of things, from Analytics to Adsense, from Google Docs to Google Wave, and everything inbetween, but they chose to show what made Google great to begin with. It distills down search to its most relevant and meaningful terms. And they did it all by engaging the viewers in a complete story arc that lasts less than 60 seconds.

I'm Team Google.

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